What Happens When I Die?

Your body is like a temporary house that your spirit lives in. When your body dies your spirit moves from your temporary body to it’s eternal place.

The place your spirit goes to is its permanent place for all eternity. It’s very important to know where you will go when you die.

Please watch the following videos of people who have died and have been brought back to life. These stories help us to understand what life after death is like.
Ian MacCormack: A glimpse of eternity after 5 deadly box jellyfish stings
Boy in Africa Raised From the Dead, after being dead for 24 hours!!
Jeffrey Thompson, an Attorney, Tells of His Experience of Going to Heaven and Back!!
Ronald Reagan: a broken hate filled man is rescued from hell
Fatima: Ethiopian mother was dead for 12 hours
Colton Burpo: at age 3 he sees heaven and meets relatives he never knew!
Tamara's story: teenager rescued from death, hell and disablement
Mickey Robinson: dies in plane crash but escapes eternal death!