Useful Links

has the bible online in many different languages. Audio bible included.

www.blueletterbible.com is great for studying the bible online in the original languages

www.fervr.net articles, reviews and videos for young people, including responses to questions. A number of our videos are from this site.

www.christianityexplored.com explore Christianity and think through what life is about. Quite a few videos on our site are from this site.

www.publicchristianity.org Provides a Christian perspective on modern life

www.carm.org will provide a lot of information and answers for more complex questions

www.bethinking.org gives extensive information about and reasons to trust the Bible

www.seangeorge.com.au Dr. Sean George gives evidence of his cardiac failure in a hospital near Kalgoorlie, his death for 1 hour 25 min, and then his return to life after prayer by his wife.