Jesus Changed My Life!

So many people from so many different backgrounds have a story about how Jesus has changed  their life and brought them true happiness.

You will be amazed and encouraged by the videos below, maybe one day your story will be here also.
Nick's story: as seen on Oprah
Australian wife prays for dead husband and he comes back to life
Nick's story: From disabled and depressed to hope in Jesus
Shekhar's story: from Hindu Brahmin to Jesus
Uttam's story:from rejection and cancer to healing and acceptance through Jesus
Devout Muslim lady finds God's love and forgiveness through Jesus
Brian Welch: From Korn to Jesus
Mohammed's story: Eternal life or a wife?
Stan's story: A Jew who researched the Messiah
Dehlia Knox Miracle: From wheelchair to walking
Deepak's story: businessman destroyed by tragedy finds peace through answered prayer to Jesus
Lee Strobel's Story: Atheistic legal journalist researches the facts about Jesus
Sy Rogers story: from tragedy and abuse to healing by Jesus
Deb's story: Heroin addict reads the bible and meets Jesus
Rob's story: Rapper finds forgiveness in Jesus
Rapper Lecrae's story: unfulfilled gangster finally surrenders to Jesus
Aarthi's story: from pretend Christian to real connection with Jesus
Ivan's story: from atheism to Jesus
Jo's story: from interfaith confusion about afterlife to real hope in Jesus
Stephen's story: from addiction and prison to freedom through Jesus
Brad Thorn footballer talks about faith
The Miracle Story of Dr Sean George
John's story: From anger, drugs and guilt to helping people for Jesus
Katie Souza: Angry woman hits rock bottom
Nelu's story: Hindu woman meets Jesus in a dream